It is obtained by blending Ogliarola and Frantoio varieties, typical of the Murgia area. It showcases the unique production methods adopted by Intini. By disposing of the olive stone during the pressing process, the oil is solely extracted from the olive paste and is therefore excellent for those who long for a more delicate, pure taste. Longest-lived amongst our oils, it is the ideal nectar for children.


Light-to-medium fruitiness, it is marked by green scents which recall almonds and freshly-cut grass.


It is delicate and balanced with very slight spicy sensations.


Ideal for medium-structured dishes. Starters and seafood salads, first course.



Purchasing Advice

Intini’s oil bottles are sold in groups of three. This allows us to optimise our packaging to guarantee the product is safely delivered to you and it is also more environmentally friendly. Our high quality packaging protects the product from damage and temperature leaps. For deliveries abroad or any specific request please fill the contact form: we will always do our best to meet your expectations.

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