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It is made with 100%, hand-picked Coratina olives from organic farming, widely considered to be the queen amongst the region varieties, at their best in the month of November. The result is an oil with a medium-to-intense fruitiness, marked by green scents with a lasting impression on the palate.


Medium-to-intense fruitiness of great complexity, with hints of cardoon, artichokes and fresh green olives.


Quite intense and persistent, it releases bitter sensations that give way to a pleasant spicy note.


Ideal for medium to robust tasting dishes such as pastas with vegetable-based sauces, white meats, tuna and swordfish carpaccio, grilled fish and vegetables.


Winner of Sol d’Oro 2019

Winner of  Sirena d’Oro di Sorrento

Olive Oil Award, Top 50 –  best 50 extravirgin olive oils in the world – Der Feinschmecker 2019

1 Heart Merum Taschenführer Olivenöl 2019 Guide

Bronze Medal Sol d’Oro 2018 cat. organic

Best in Class cat. Organic Japan Olive Oil Prize 2018

Premiere Medal Olive Japan 2018 International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

2 heart Merum Taschenführer Olivenöl 2018

Third Prize winner Sirena d’oro di Sorrento 2018

Extragold Medal Biol International Prize 2018

Olive Oil Award, Top 50 –  best 50 extravirgin olive oils in the world – Der Feinschmecker 2018



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