Obtained by blending Coratina and Provenzale olives, which are hand-picked on the hills of Alberobello and Capitanata, this oilcomes from the old, rural traditions of manuallygathering the oil which would naturally float on the freshly milled olive paste.


Medium-to-intense fruitiness, marked by green scents which recall of chicory, tomato leaves and freshly-cut grass.


Full-body and energetic, with clear, bitter tones, it releases stimulating, spicy sensations.


Ideal for dishes with a medium to robust taste such as barbecued, red meats, grilled vegetables and tomato-topped bruschette.


Winner of Ercole Olivario 2019

Winner of Olio Capitale 2019

3 foglie – the highest recognition – Oli d’Italia 2019 Guide by Gambero Rosso

Olive Oil Award, Top 50 – best 50 extravirgin olive oils in the world – Der Feinschmecker 2019

1 Heart Merum Taschenführer Olivenöl 2019 Guide

Winner of Sol d’Oro 2018 cat. Light Fruity

Best Blend of the Year and 3 foglie verdi (excellent oil) – Oli d’Italia 2019 Guide  by  Gambero Rosso

Best in Class cat. Blend Japan Olive Oil Prize 2018

Reviewed in Terre d’olio 2018 by Fausto Borella

1 heart Merum Taschenführer Olivenöl 2018

Semifinalist Olio Capitale2018

Olive Oil Award, Top 50 –  best 50 extravirgin olive oils in the world – Der Feinschmecker 2018

Silver Medal Leone d’Oro dei Mastri Oleari 2018 cat. blend



Purchasing Advice

Intini’s oil bottles are sold in groups of three. This allows us to optimise our packaging to guarantee the product is safely delivered to you and it is also more environmentally friendly. Our high quality packaging protects the product from damage and temperature leaps. For deliveries abroad or any specific request please fill the contact form: we will always do our best to meet your expectations.

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