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Obtained by blending Coratina and Provenzale olives, which are hand-picked on the hills of Alberobello and Capitanata, this oilcomes from the old, rural traditions of manuallygathering the oil which would naturally float on the freshly milled olive paste.


Medium-to-intense fruitiness, marked by green scents which recall of chicory, tomato leaves and freshly-cut grass.


Full-body and energetic, with clear, bitter tones, it releases stimulating, spicy sensations.


Ideal for dishes with a medium to robust taste such as barbecued, red meats, grilled vegetables and tomato-topped bruschette.


Winner of Ercole Olivario 2019

Winner of Olio Capitale 2019

3 foglie – the highest recognition – Oli d’Italia 2019 Guide by Gambero Rosso

Olive Oil Award, Top 50 – best 50 extravirgin olive oils in the world – Der Feinschmecker 2019

1 Heart Merum Taschenführer Olivenöl 2019 Guide

Winner of Sol d’Oro 2018 cat. Light Fruity

Best Blend of the Year and 3 foglie verdi (excellent oil) – Oli d’Italia 2019 Guide  by  Gambero Rosso

Best in Class cat. Blend Japan Olive Oil Prize 2018

Reviewed in Terre d’olio 2018 by Fausto Borella

1 heart Merum Taschenführer Olivenöl 2018

Semifinalist Olio Capitale2018

Olive Oil Award, Top 50 –  best 50 extravirgin olive oils in the world – Der Feinschmecker 2018

Silver Medal Leone d’Oro dei Mastri Oleari 2018 cat. blend



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